There is a reason that concrete is one of the most widely used products in the entire world. It is simply the best construction material known to man. Concrete is strong, durable, and most importantly, it can be delivered in a form that meets each customer's unique expectations.

Locally owned and operated Superior Mix serves the ready-mix concrete needs of Miami and South Broward Area. Our customer base varies from state, county and local municipalities, to commercial and residenti...

Ready-mixed concrete consists of fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, cementitious binders and water. Sometimes, admixtures are used to modify the appearance, workability or physical properties of the concre...

At Superior Mix we can create a concrete mix to fit the most exacting specifications. Whether you need product for a backyard patio or an interstate highway, our computerized batching system can formulate m...

To ensure superior service, please schedule your order as soon as possible. Schedules often fill quickly so the earlier you call the more likely you’ll get the time slot that fits your project.

Before ordering concrete, it is important to keep in mind that clear communication is key to ensuring that your order is correct and will avoid costing you and your company money.

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